Wednesday, January 14, 2015

When I'm 64

In June of 1967, I was sixteen years old. The Beatles released Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. I spent hours looking at that album cover and listening to the songs on that vinyl record.

One of the songs was sooooo different.  When I'm 64 made me laugh out loud the first time I heard it. 

I was young with raging hormones and I believed without a doubt that I would be the epitome of the Bob Dylan song, Forever Young.

And now, on the eve of my sixty-forth birthday as I think back on my cocky self, I laugh out loud at how young and foolish I was.

Back then, I'm not sure what I thought life would be like at sixty-four, but I'm guessing I thought life would be much different.....over.

I'll be the first to admit that it's different, but much richer in ways that as young man, I could never have understood.

The enduring friendships (especially with my spouse), the travel, the food, and the accomplishments have made the journey worth while.

Life hasn't always been a picnic, but it's always been interesting in surprising ways.

So tomorrow evening, I plan to hold my glass high, and drink a toast to life at sixty-four.


  1. Happy birthday eve, Rick!
    In June of '67 I was already 17, supposing anyone of 'that' age was someone to be merely tolerated.
    I love - and totally agree with - what you just said it being 'much richer' than you imagined. Aren't we so very fortunate?!

  2. I think I know what will be playing in the background...or at least in your head.

    Happy Birthday youngster.

  3. Anyone who appreciated Sgt. Pepper gets my high five...hold up your hand, Rick...I can't find your hand...

  4. Anonymous10:20 PM

    According to me (age 80) & my husband (age 82) you're still a kid--happy 43rd anniversary of your 21st birthday!!

  5. I liked the entry. A good read. Sentiments of getting older. I smil at older folk who chide the youth their ignorance, knowing only age will teadch them that they are NEVER forever young 'physically' but in your mind...(that is different).

    Wow today my dad would have been 112, born on the 14th that makes him a day older
    than you! Whoa (don't tell Jilda!) HAPPY BIRTHDAY COMING UP!.

  6. They say it's your birthday. Happy Birthday to you. Life is good as long as you remember to enjoy it your way.

  7. Am only a month into my 65th year. Will raise a glass in your honor tomorrow, Rick. Happy birthday!

  8. I think this verse of that old Beatles' song pretty well sums things up for you as you stand on the eve your sixty fourth year.

    I could be handy, mending a fuse
    When your lights have gone
    You can knit a sweater by the fireside
    Sunday mornings go for a ride
    Doing the garden, digging the weeds
    Who could ask for more?
    Will you still need me, will you still feed me
    When I'm sixty-four?

    I'm sure you will find the answer will be a resounding Yes!!

    Happy birthday Rick and many more of them....

    Ms Soup

  9. Happy Birthday Rick... I hope you have an amazing day with many more to come <3

  10. Have a very happy birthday and a delightful year!

  11. Happy Birthday Rick. I'm working on my 69th and I can't believe how quickly life marches on.
    How did I get this old. 70 is not that far away anymore.

    OI'll raise my glass up too. Cheers for another good year.

  12. I came back to say, I love the way the picture is treated. Nice job! Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  13. I wish you a Happy 64th my friend! My brother turned 64 in Nov. and my mother sang that song to him! Lol. One of my favorite songs! Enjoy your day.XX

  14. ...and many more to come! When I was 16, I don't think I would ever be old like my grandparents. Ha!

  15. We're a few months apart in age, so I'm sure we share many of the same memories of songs and times! I feel like you when it comes to the passing of time...but I also feel so fortunate to have lived during the times I did. What a rich experience we've had...filled with both happy and sad events...but nonetheless, the experiences we lived through were memorable and remarkable! I love the times I've known and appreciate what will come because of them!


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