Friday, January 30, 2015


My dogs were as thrilled to see me as Jilda. They've been underfoot all day, except for when we walked. 

The sun was warm, but the breeze out of the north made a jacket the wise choice. It was perfect walking weather, and the dogs ran with wild abandon.

My internet connection at the hotel at Newport Beach wasn't the best so I didn't spend much time reading blogs. I could have paid extra for a wireless upgrade, but decided to make do until I returned home.

On the way home, I shot several pictures out of the cabin at the passing terrain. The Hipstamatic app has a ton of lenses and film types, many of which I've never tried.

The flight home seemed a perfect place to try some of them out.  One of the pictures I shot was of a mountain range, and I .

Below is a sampling of how each lens and film combination treated the subject.

This last image is one take with a Salvador 84 lens and DreamCanvas film.  I didn't realize it until I posted it, but the middle of this picture appears to be the face of my dog Caillou......Do Do Do Do (Twilight Zone theme song).


  1. I definitely like the top picture best but I'm sure they all have their uses depending what you want to represent.
    I like aerial pictures.

    Have a great weekend ay home. We're being dumped on again with another snow storm and expecting a foot of snow with windy conditions.
    Enjoy your return home.

  2. When I am away I make do with free internet I don't like the thought of paying more when usually the hotel room costs enough as it is, dogs they love it when their master returns home

  3. Now I'm scared.


  4. Interesting pictures...internet is best left off as much as possible when you travel! It's better to that way sometimes!

  5. Nice pictures.

    My pet peeve is hotels charging for internet. charging for cable or for a toilet.

  6. We do not have a dog now, but to be honest I miss the affection they can show after an absense, it boosts your morale to be missed so much.
    I did see the 'dog face', amazing. sometimes I cannot find the 'hidden picture'.

  7. Caillou was making her presence known. It is a wonderful picture.


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