Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Chilly tonight

We signed the papers on Jilda car today. We bought a Honda Accord SE from our great niece and nephew who are heading to England in a few days for 18 months. She'd been fretting about selling the car in time before they left.

As it turns out, the transmission on Jilda's Volvo has been getting weaker. So, we were able to get a newer vehicle, and our young relatives, can travel without having to worry about selling the car long distance.

On the way home, we got a few scattered snow flurries. The temps will be around 12 degrees tonight. I know my northern friends usually swim in weather this moderate, but it's down right chilly to us.

Once home, I scurried around covering the outside pipes and putting a tarp on the end of the chicken pen. Normally the pen does fine here, but when it gets really cold, I don't like them being exposed to the cold wind.

I shot some photos of the clouds highlighted by the setting sun, but they looked too much like pictures I've posted before, so I trashed them and decided on a picture we shot ten years ago when we were in Sedona, Arizona.

Jilda has an early doctor's appointment in the morning for a routine checkup by her infusion doctor so we're about to call it a night.

Y'all stay warm.


  1. Enjoy your new car. Sedona is so beautiful ~ Those gorgeous red rocks! Have a good one!

  2. Staying warm has become a challenge even in California. We bundle up and then the sun comes out. I now have a good excuse for for not knowing how to dress. All my best wishes to you and happy motoring!

  3. It is -7 degrees here right now. Yes that is below zero. Fahrenheit. But I am snug and warm inside. I like a good furnace, don't you?

  4. Goodbye to Ingrid after all this time!! Boo hoo..... sob, sob.

    Ms Soup

  5. Sounds like you take good care of the chickens! Stay warm. The photo from Sedona looks beautiful!

  6. Rick, I'm trying to stay warm unsuccessfully. Hope you have better luck.

  7. Oh, I'm trying to stay warm ..... and think of warm weather but it's not easy when it -24 °C or -11.2 °F. outside. Cows are calving in the cold barn. All in a days work... It's so cld that it takes my breath away as I venture outside the barn.

    The house is warm but I can't seem to warm up. I'm getting a hot cup of cocoa to warm my innards.

  8. It's actually warming up in Portland. It's expected to be in the high fifties today.

  9. The Honda Accord is a good vehicle. I hope you enjoy it. I am sure the tranny would go lots of $ anyway. I like to hear stories like that. Having faced that same thing a couple times I know the relief to get it done BEFORE it becomes a problem for you and someone else back home.

    Too cold for me up there. You are a good guy Charlie Brown, to think of the chickens...

  10. I love your posts, Jilda and Rick. They feel like a letter from good friends.

    Glad Jilda has a dependable car now.

  11. Beautiful shot of Sedona, Arizona! Glad you were able to find a suitable car for Jilda, and all is well went well with that! Twelve degrees is cold, so keep warm!

  12. Good luck with your new car! No matter how you shake it or where you live, 12de is cold! I'm surprised you get that kind of chill down there. I love the pic of Arizona. It warms the heart and bum just looking at it! I hope Jilda's appointment is a good one and she's feeling better soon. She's such a trooper and she's lucky to have a good partner at her side! Stay warm yourselves!

  13. So glad you got the car and helped out the niece and nephew. Is Jilda naming this one? :-)


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