Thursday, March 31, 2016

Which way the wind blows

I know we talk about the weather a great deal, but this evening looks like it could be a long one because of the clouds. A tornado is showing on radar in Fayette which is about an hour west of us. One of the Bevill State Campuses is located there and a lot of my friends live in that area. 

I'm not sure if they're headed our way or not but the air outside is unstable with the wind whipping in one direction and then the other.

Early spring in the south is beautiful but it comes with a price tag. Sometimes we have violent weather. 

Earlier today, these storms stomped their way across the midwest and after work radar images looked as though our friends up around Chicago and Ohio were in the crosshairs but I'm not sure if they got any  damage or not.

Hopefully, it will play out soon and the tornados indicated on the radar are aloft which is sometimes the case.

This much I know, we'll be in front of the TV for a while watching which way the wind blows.

On an up note, I did manage to snap a photo of my niece Samantha and great nephew Jordan with a new app I downloaded on my phone today.


  1. Beautiful picture...very sweet. I hope all is well in your area and for your friends. I find tornados scary.

  2. Stay safe, those twisters must be scary as H!

  3. I hope you remain far from any tornado. Take care.

  4. Oh yeah, if we are in an area that is vulnerable we keep a lookout also. We like to think we could drive out of harms way, but we know better. WE tried it once with a Florida Hurricane and i followed us.

    Hope you have a peaceful evening, That dude is growing..

    Sleep well tonight!

  5. Rick, I hope you and Jilda stay safe... and that the storm won't be as destructive as they think.. xox

  6. Soon Jordan will be bigger than his mother. Keep a weather eye on the storm. Hopefully it will be just another storm.

  7. This time of year is uncertain for sure. We are windy but nothing like some have had in the south. Hope you all stay safe!

  8. I love the photo! I use "snap seed" to edit my photos but Im not aware of other apps. You did great.
    Looks like we are suppose to get some hard raid but miss the tornado effects.

  9. Beautiful photo of those very cute kids! Jordan is growing up fast! I hope your weather has calmed down. We did get a thunder boomer last night but all's well today. Spring does has it's crazy weather and tomorrow our mild, warm spell is now bringing in snow. Not so funny April Fool's Day a day late! Hope your weekend is a good one and stay safe!

  10. Anonymous5:31 PM

    Handsome family, Rick!!

  11. A very soft photo of your favorite kins. That young man sure is doing some fast growing.
    Stay safe from those darn tornados.

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