Thursday, April 12, 2018

A beautiful sight to behold.

Today on our morning walk, Taz the wonder Yorkie decided to amble. All the other dogs run free, but Taz is not road smart so she walks on a leash. Walking untethered is OK at the barn but when we walk up the barn road toward the main road in front of our house. She starts stepping quickly.

The people who once lived across the road were her original "parents." But they fell on hard times and lost the house. That's why Taz came to live with us. I've written about this in the past.

When she lived over there, she must have buried treasure because each time she gets a chance, she bolts across the road. 

Now, where was I?  Oh yes, Today she decided to amble. I walked ahead but when I looked around they were back in the garden. I decided to wait on the Thinking Bench. The temps were in the mid-70s with a gentle breeze out of the west. I sat there blissing out and what not when I looked up. The oak and hickory trees decided that spring is here and it seems they leafed out almost overnight. 

Pulling the camera from my pocket, I snapped a picture of the trees against a blue sky. 

It was a beautiful sight to behold. 


  1. Definitely bliss material.

  2. You were wonderful to take in the doggie who must miss her home and original family. I love this picture because we have it dull and dreary and we are to have 5 to 6 days of rain, freezing rain and maybe snow.

  3. Beautiful pic. Spring has sprung!

  4. Oh yes, a beautiful sight to behold ! We are finally get a couple back to back days in the mid 70's here. They are only a tease though, we be back to our normal lows by next week. Maybe the warm weather will make some green pop out. I keep hoping.

  5. Beautiful indeed. Enjoy the warmth!

  6. Dear Rick, in the spring, I always think of the English verse: "to see the world in a grain of sand, and heaven in a wildflower. To hold infinity in the palm of your hand; and eternity in an hour." Those moments of bliss come so surprisingly, don't they? Filling us up so that sometimes I feel I can soar. You too? Peace.

  7. Not only are our 'girls' not road-smart, neither are they squirrel smart. 'Thought one or both might have a stroke yesterday! Beautiful image you captured there!

  8. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Another beautiful shot!!

  9. How I miss such incredible beauty!

    Has Taz ever found anything?

  10. So pretty. It is a peaceful view.


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