Sunday, April 22, 2018

Happy Earth Day

We didn't do much for Earth Day today. It's rained. Jilda and I try to be environmentally friendly though we still buy too many products that come in plastic. We recycle newspapers, magazines, old clothes, batteries, and plastic bags. We'd like to do glass, plastic, and old paint but that's not easy to do around here.

These last few years as our appliances fail, we replace them with energy efficient ones. I'd love to convert our house to solar and only use commercial power to back up the solar panels when the sun stays away too long but this conversion is expensive. Had it been an option when I was still working full time with MaBell, I think we would have converted but solar had not matured enough at that point.

Having said that, I do a website that promotes the ecology and gives ideas on how people here can recycle, become more energy efficient, and Earth-friendly.

There's a lot of work left, but I didn't want today to go unacknowledged.

Happy Earth Day.


  1. I celebrated Earth day one day early and picked up trash along our road. It was great to be out and make Almost Heaven a little more heavenly.

  2. Happy Earth day to you too! We recycle and have been for years but I wish more would be done for the garbage one sees around the roads...people can be such pigs.

  3. I did not know it was Earth Day, but I did plant tomatoes, does that count?

  4. Some day we will all celebrate Earth Day every day.

  5. I celebrated Earth Day by repairing patches of sod on my front lawn that the big snow plow damaged this winter. I also thanks Mother Nature for all that she provide for us.

    I put very little in my garbage bin and everything that can be recycled is recycled except for glass. We don't have a glass recycling facility in our area and the cost to transport it to the nearest facility is very high.
    Even rubber tires are recycled not far from here. They make rubber mats with them.

    Hugs, Julia

  6. It was a beautiful day here and one to really appreciate the beauty of the earth. There is so much we can to keep it that way. We cannot all do great things, but we can all make a difference. Every little bit counts !

  7. Happy Earth Day Rick... I may not have been blogging for a while but I have read a few peoples blogs like yours to keep up from time to time.

    I seriously missed writing, I'm glad to be back... I'm not going to try to catch up with everyone, I'm sure that would be too overwhelming but I am going to take time each day to check in with a few people.

    Have a great day, thank you for the comment on my blog xox

  8. I have heard of Earth Day but have no idea when it is

  9. We recycle and I'm bummed that they don't take glass. We had a heck of a time trying to get rid of old TV's until a we found a place that recycles them. The recycle place wanted $80 a TV so I was happy to find someone that would take them for free! We had a beautiful day yesterday to enjoy this Earth of ours...Happy Earth day back at ya!

  10. I love this earth, that is where I live (most of the time! LOL)


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