Friday, April 06, 2018

A place that we'll call normal

It's been cloudy and cool today. Placing my solar-powered nightlight out on the deck to charge was wishful thinking. It got a few fleeting moments of sun, but mostly the sky was Seattle grey. 

I knew photo ops would be few today, so when we walked this morning noticed that tiny yellow flowers were blooming in the field just beyond our blueberry bushes. Dropping to my knees, I eased to my elbows with my phone in portrait mode. The dogwood in the distance is on the new property we bought a few years ago. I'm guessing calling it new is old, but that's what we still call it. 

Both of us got up tired this morning even though we slept well enough. It seems the older we get, grueling days take more of a toll on our bodies.

We did routine chores around the house. Our summer clothes came out of our store plastic storage tubs, and the winter clothes went in. It sounds simple enough, but we have a LOT of clothes. Jilda has kept the washing machine humming today. 

Her brother came home after lunch. Hopefully, things will get back to a place that we'll call normal.

I know this is not much tonight, but it's all I have to give.


  1. It was more than one could expect. You have had a couple of long, long days.

  2. And a very generous gift it is - and appeciated.

  3. You've had some tough days

  4. A normal day is a good day. Sometime I notice the wether has something to do with my being tired. It must be the atmospheric pressure that plays tricks with my system. I know getting older probably has a part in it too.
    Finding beauty in an ordinary day wins every time.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. I always enjoy this normal days to the fullest and they are all the more appreciated when we've had a crisis of one sort or another. The picture is beautiful. Nature always reminds us that life goes on no matter what happens in our lives.

  6. That field is putting on a Beautiful spring show.
    And you also gave me a blog post idea. Thanks!

  7. Take this weekend and recharge! I hope Jilda's brother is better soon. Your yard could be called "The Garden of Eden"!

  8. Lot's of sunshine here today another pretty hot day for me


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