Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Making sense of Dollars

I had Entrepreneur class tonight. We've gotten into the financials. Many people open new businesses with killer ideas. These newcomers feel they cannot fail. But they often do. The main reason is that they don't understand the financials.

This is the hard stuff. Thinking through my project was a no-brainer. Jilda and I both have thought about keeping bees. Organic honey is expensive. We know because that's the only kind we buy.

Talking to people that currently do beekeeping is the fun part. Learning how to get started and caring for bees is something we would do for fun. 

When I got the opportunity to take this class, I needed to come up with a project that would take me through all the steps required for opening a business.

The first part was fun, but the financials are not as much fun, but I know they are as important as the creation part.

I spent most of the day today doing research and compiling the financials for my project. By the end of class tonight, I think my head was full. In order for new information to come in, I'm going to have to toss something out :)

The only picture I have tonight is another one of our azaleas out front next to the road. They get more beautiful each day.


  1. I have friends who do this as a hobby, if you could also make a dollar or two that's a bonus. I've heard that eating local honey helps against allergies to local plants.

  2. Your azaleas are glorious. You comment the lack of memory room in your head instantly reminded me of the Far Side cartoon with his usual dorky child asking to be excused from class 'because my brain is full'.

  3. I have watched several folk crash, but try again. until something works. There are people who are born to run a business. I have been fortunate, both tries were successful.
    I did smile, a friend of mine decided to be a BEE keeper. No plan! He robbed one Hive and the bees followed theri hiney up to their house. His wife refused to let him in. He finally had to abandon the honey in the back yard on a table, before mama would open the door! ;-)

  4. PS: I meant to say, it should work well for you guys. YOu have a great location for it. The best to you in the endeavor. LOve Honey!

  5. That sounds like a good project. Getting the bees to do all the work and you get to reap the honey, I mean the money.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. Yes it is best to be prepared and money is an important part of any business. You do have the perfect place to keep bees with all the flowers there. My grandparents kept bees. They had 3 thriving hives but as far as I know they used them for personal use and now and then gave away to friends and family. I would think it will take some time to have a harvest of honey that will make money. Best wishes on your new adventure!

  7. I am scared to death of bees but oddly I have also wanted to have some honey bee hives to care for. I love honey and its really good for allergies. I went to a bee keeper once to see how it worked. He lost me when he mentioned how long it takes to get even a teaspoon of honey. But still it would be a fun hobby. I'd do it.

  8. My, my! I have always loved honey, but now I have to watch my blood sugar, so honey is not on my menu unfortunately.
    I grew up in a rural area where beekeeping was common. We referred to the beehives as beegums sometimes, a carry over from the days when bees were kept in a hollow sweetgum log.
    My late brother-in-law was quite professional in his beekeeping business, and had all the fancy equipment; we just kept them in a simple manner and gave them up when beekeepers had to start treating for mites.
    "Organic" can be quite tricky in the beekeeping proposition because starter combs can be contaminated with miticide, bees forage far and near, etc. I won't put a link in the comment, but you can look up an article entitled "Organic Honey is a Sweet Illusion." Another interesting thing about bees in general is a TED talk by Marla Spivak about why bees are disappearing.
    But it's for certain a jar of local honey has a complexity unmatched by a commercial jar that was made from a monocrop of clover and a vat of corn syrup.
    May you have sweet success with your venture.

  9. I really hate to have to discard some information to make room for new. My uncle raised honey bees. I still like to chew on a juicy honeycomb.

  10. I'm alternately fascinated/terrified of bees ... so I'll be leaving the harvesting to y'all and look for Watson Honey at the Farmers Market! I agree, financials can bore one to tears but it's a necessary step.

  11. I remember when Tim and I were first married he wanted to start his own business and I said I felt that learning how to deal with the financial part of it would be hard for us as we both had learning difficulties at school and he got all pissy with me for being negative, I didn't think I was being negative just realistic

  12. That’s funny because my hubby was just talking about bee hives but we live in the city and couldn’t do this. I think this would be great to try and I love honey! The flowers look so great


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