Saturday, April 14, 2018

Stormy Saturday

I woke up just after 3 this morning to get a drink of water and to check the weather. April in the south is beautiful, but it can be violent. Seven years ago on the 27th of April, 55 tornadoes touched down in Alabama. Two hundred and thirty-eight people died in our state that day. All tolled, 340 people died from Tornados that day.

So to say that we are weather-aware when "bad clouds" are possible is an understatement. When I looked at the radar, it looked as if the worst would get here after lunch today.

This morning we had some grocery shopping to do, so we were on the road early. We stopped at Micky D's and had breakfast. We don't do that often. 

When we got back, we noticed the wind picked up. You could see trees swaying and birds scurrying. We were running through our disaster plan to make sure we had everything we needed in case storms knocked off the lights...or worse.

Miraculously, the atmosphere was dry here which caused the worst of the storms to dissipate. Our neighbors to the west were not as lucky.

The folks east and north should keep in eye on the radar. 

It's been rainy all day so I  pulled a picture out of the archives from April of 2009.


  1. I hope you and Jilda can stay safe.

  2. I had to run to the store in the neighboring town to grab a gallon of milk before the blizzard. Glad I did. Now I can stay inside while it snows and blows.

  3. With statistics you mentioned I would definitely be looking at the sky! Love the picture!

  4. I hope that you stay safe from the tornados. Being prepared is top priority. Nice patriotic photo.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. Not sure my nerves could handle living with tornadoes. That is the main reason we don't travel east in the Spring. But I also know that most people who live in those areas, are well prepared (as much as you can be). Stay safe.

    1. We have had to hunker down in the past with tornadoes touching down all around, it's an eerie feeling trying to remain calm in front of those you are protecting, Thank God we were safe in the end...Here's praying you never have to go through this type of storm again because when it's that close it feels the same as if it hit you too.

  6. Saturday evening here we had the look of a storm but it went around us and we got only a shower of rain

  7. I think that is a great picture to go with the day so many lost their lives. I will 5ake our freezing rain any day over tornadoes....I always think it is the devil’s finger creat8ng those tornadoes and they scare the hell out of me.


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