Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Maybe moss can grow on your back

We've all been wound tight as a spring today. Jilda's brother is having health issues. We thought doctors would do procedures today, but that didn't happen.

My niece Samantha called to see if I could pick up "The Kid" at school this evening. I could and I did. It was a low-key afternoon for us. Jordan knew his Paw Paw wasn't doing well and didn't have a lot to say. We went outside and I sat on the deck while he played by himself in the yard.

The dogs were restless so we took them for a walk. I snapped a selfie on the thinking bench. He decided my shoulder needed a little moss for the picture.

We're hoping tomorrow they can do what needs doing on my brother-in-law and he can be back home Friday.

I'll do an update tomorrow.


  1. Well, you can say moss doesn’t grow under your feet:) I will keep my thoughts of Jilda’s brother near me and wish all will be aok

  2. I'll keep Jilda's brother in my prayers tonight and tomorrow. I hope all goes well and he gets home soon. Hugs all around! Sweet pic of you two! (moss and all!)

  3. Yep, we too have a friend awaiting a procedure, that was scheduled but they ran into problems.

    It if definitely hard to predict health and medical procedures.
    Hope all goes well.

    Like the moss! The dude is right, you need some green!

  4. Hoping all works out well and soon.

  5. Sending cyber health wishes. And smiling at the moss.

  6. I pray that your brother in law will come through the procedure well.
    The moss will grow only if you stay there long enough. I hope today is a better day for all of you.
    Hugs & prayers.

  7. What a cute picture with the moss...sounds like a little humor was needed there. Thought and prayers are going up for your BIL. Sometimes the waiting is the hardest part.

  8. Kids will surley make your day a little brighter. I'll be praying for you guys.

  9. Moss also grows on nature that does not move around. Says a lot.
    Praying for Paw Paw.

  10. I wish good news for Jordan and his grandfather. Then Jordan's big smile will return.


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