Sunday, April 08, 2018

A word about reading

I helped kick off National Library Week by participating in the Local Author's event. The turnout was not bad. I met some new people and sold a few books.  It's always fun meeting fellow readers. 

This was my table picture today
There was a time in my life that I only read one or two books a year. I thought I was too busy with my career. 

At some point, I realized something was missing. As it turns out, it was reading. Now it's not uncommon to read four or five books a month. My reading is all over the board. I love both fiction and non-fiction. How-to book, biographies, profiles, technical, and adventure are all in my library. 

When I published my first book, I think I had stars in my eyes. I thought the book would fly off the shelf, and people would speak of me in hushed tones when I was near. That didn't happen. It didn't happen with my second...third....or fourth books either. These days I write because I enjoy the experience. If I sell a book or two every now and then, I'm happy. When I meet other writers and lovers of books, it's an added bonus.


  1. Life is good when we have time to read

  2. I wish I enjoyed reading that much. I struggle understanding what I read, however, I think ot will be fun to write a book. Keep writing Rick, your good at it,

  3. I cannot imagine nont having a book near me. I have been reading ever since I learned how. Before that my parents read to me. It is like breathing.

  4. I am an unashamed bookaholic. An addiction I am very grateful to have come to early (and a big thank you to my parents is due).

  5. I should read more, I usually read when I travel, maybe I should travel more.

  6. Anonymous11:22 PM

    Keep on writing, Rick--I love your style!!

  7. Writing is hard work and it's nice if it pays off big time but even if only a small group of people enjoy reading your books and you enjoyed reading it, it's a success. We live in a fast pace world and smart phones have taken over but I still love reading whenever I have a chance to sit, which is mostly at the computer.
    Hugs, Julia

  8. Oh yes, I agree reading opens up a whole new world around us. You are blessed to also be able to write. I used to read a lot more than what do now, but still it is a part of every day. It's become a habit that I can't do without.

  9. Writing for the joy of writing has always been mine to claim. No anticipations of publishing, but my offspring might find my stuff worthy of self-publishing.


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