Sunday, April 15, 2018

Sunday news from Empire

Today was much colder. When the storms moved through yesterday the temps dropped like a (put your own simile here).

When it was time to walk this morning,  I pulled on my shoes, walking shorts, and a tee shirt. It took Jilda longer to get ready and I wasn't sure why. She'd bunded up. I chided her a little.

When we started walking the sun was out and it felt good. I think I might have said, "This is invigorating."  But once in the shadows, I changed my tune.  When the wind kicked up I chided myself for being weather obtuse.

After the first lap, I ran inside and put on warmer clothing. The second lap was more comfortable.

Jordan and his mom joined us for the second lap. He was glad to get outside after a day of bad weather. I shot a video of him rolling down a hill and it was a scream. Oh to be 10 again.

Jilda cooked sweet potatoes, Brussel sprouts, and butterbeans this evening. It was a perfect end to a Sunday.

I took a picture this evening that made me a little sad. I found the wing of a swallowtail butterfly on our back deck. Why a single wing would be there I have no clue. It made me a little sad.

That's all I have to report.


  1. The cooking sure sounded good!
    WE had that bad weather you dodged of late. My first time seeing egg size hail.
    One wing? Mysteries stretch the imagination!

  2. Rolling down a hill is a family activity. I can't do it any more but my children and grandchildren still do. Good for Jordan.

  3. It is sad because th butterfly probably was taken by a bird or other insect. Yesterday, we had rain, freezing rain, a little snow and back to freezing rain. Today, more freezing rain and wind! Tonight, more of the same so it is nasty. My hubby was out there for hours getting rid of 2 inches of ice off the sidewalk. Right now, we still hear about the Humboldt bus crash where 15 young hockey players died and one is alive but will never walk again. I never played hockey otherwise I would place a hockey stick outside my door like so many are doing here, in Canada.

  4. You are not alone in your sadness about the flutterby.
    Ten again might be ok, but I would hate to be a teenager again. I didn't like it then, and I suspect it would be harder now.

  5. I'm wondering how the butterfly lost it's wing. It has such beautiful markings on it. I wonder why God gave such beauty and details on the butterflies. Such a work of great love in His art. I hope that you saved this little God painting and put it in a safe display in your home.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. We had a very rainy day here yesterday. There are plenty of remnants of the storm on the ground here this morning. Thankfully we do not have any butterflies yet, but there are plenty of twigs and small branches on that ground. I see many like you that are like you, being weather obtuse. Ha! Even though we once again have chance of snow, they still have their shorts and tees on. Not me for sure !

  7. It was stormy here yesterday as the temps dropped. Its 57 now and I just got a frost warning on my phone. Not sure what thats all about but I wouldnt doubt it.

  8. That may have been all but that was enough


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