Thursday, December 27, 2018


Today's been an "ol' rainy day" as my grandma used to say. Before New Years we could have a half foot of rain.

We put on our raincoats to walk this morning, but the dogs weren't onboard with the whole "Let's take a walk" idea.

They went out, did their business, and were standing at the door when we got back to the house.

Taking pictures was out of the question so I knew I'd be digging through the archives for a photo tonight.

I came across a picture I'd taken on this date last year. I'd saved the wood I pruned from the old apple tree during the summer last year. I built a fire in the pit and invited the kids over to make s'mores.

Something good ALWAYS results when you mix a warm fire, Hershey's Chocolate, marshmallows, and gram crackers. The treats were delightful but the real fun of making S'mores is the experience.

I can still close my eyes and smell the aroma of burning applewood. It was heaven'ish. Is that a word? I hope you are having a great holiday week.


  1. Yep rain does change a lot of thoughts and plans. But remembering a fun fire is always good.

  2. That is a heap of rain. Smiling at the dogs doing what was necessary and no more.

  3. Anonymous3:31 AM

    The picture looks like a lot more fun than walking in the rain!!

  4. Siting around a campfire is always fun. Some of my best memories come from the times we made s'mores and sat around the fire telling stories. Memories like that can't be beat. Good for you persevering and walking in the rain...I'm like your dogs though, I'd be out and in quickly.

  5. I have to say that I admire you both for walking in all kind of weather. I used to do it when I worked at the farm but since I retired, I haven't been exercising that much. Shame on me. The cold weather makes me a coward.
    I remember the fires we made in the fire pit at night, roasting hotdogs, marshmallow, It was so special even without the applewood.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. Apple wood makes the best fire..smells so good! That's a wonderful memory you created for your family plus it brings a smile to your face! Win-win!

  7. I hope you don't have flooding. It has been a bad winter for so many people.


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