Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Fun in the sun

Jilda was being interviewed this morning for a local documentary. The videographer talks to people about their experience growing up in small towns around the county.

Rather than have the dogs interrupt the session, I took them outside for a long walk. Our niece Samantha's dog decided to join us.

The day was beautiful again today. There was not a cloud in the sky.

Jilda said she would text me when the interview was over so when I got through walking, I found a sunny place in the garden. The wind out of the north was frigid. The temp was 41 degrees but with the windchill, it felt much colder. The sun was warm on my face.

As I sat there, I noticed pine needles falling from a nearby tree. They sailed to the ground like skinny paper airplanes. Some of them circled slowly and some came toward earth as if they were swan-diving.

Caillou and Ol' Hook were down in the woods, but Sam's dog Lady came and sat with me to enjoy the sun. Lady is a rescue dog that Samantha has had for years. She's a part of their family but when they all go to work, she ambles over to our house to spend time with her "daytime family."


  1. What a lucky dog Lady is. I suspect a number of dogs would like a day-time family.

  2. I think it is neat how Lady will come over and hang out when her owners go to work. This made me smile. What a sweet dog.

  3. We need some sunshine here to sit it. I can just feel the warmth looking at your picture.


  4. something about me says 'they that rescue dogs and take in strays really do LOVE animals and the breed though pure is not what matters.'
    Good stuff along with a beautiful dog picture.

  5. It's way too cold to sit outside here. -15 ℃ or 5℉ but on the bright side is sunny with blue sky. Lady looks like she could put up with our temperature. Her fur looks so thick.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. Anonymous12:57 PM

    I want to sit in the sun with Lady!!

  7. This photo is so full of stories! What is Lady thinking about?


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