Sunday, December 16, 2018

Eggnog Santa

We ran to the grocery store this morning for some things we'll need this week. On the way home, we passed the local fire station. 

Each year they decorate for Christmas. As I drove by, I saw something that made me snort coffee out my nose.

Turning around, I went back to the parking lot and snapped a picture. 

I put it on Facebook and Instagram and said Santa is hitting the eggnog hard. There were others who found it funny too.

I hope you pre-Christmas week is a good one.


  1. I think he has had enough!

  2. Oh poor Santa, Christmas preparations are getting too commercialized for him too. lol...
    I hope your Sunday was a good as mine.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. At least he has Frosty as a designated driver!

    1. Anonymous12:50 PM

      Does that make Santa the designated drunk?

  4. How uncharitable of you. Santa is just about to do his 500 pushups to get fit for his busy, busy night.

  5. Elephant's is a very charitable person. (but personally imma go with the eggnog!) LOL
    have a good NIGHT!

  6. Ha Ha! Poor Santa! And it's not even Christmas yet !

  7. Hubby and I got a good chuckle over this one...
    Merry Christmas

  8. So you shamed Santa by putting him on Bookface because he had too much eggnog and he fell flat on his face....
    Just you wait till he sobers up and finds out. You will find, Rick Watson, you have made a very big mistake and when you look in your Christmas stocking it will be empty. Santa will strike you off his list.
    Who's laughing now?

  9. What a great shot! I felt just like that Santa after shopping the other day..I was so over it!

  10. When I saw the photo my first thought was Frosty pushed Santa over and I could hear him saying "take that Santa"


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