Friday, December 28, 2018

Higher ground

Rain rattled the roof all night. Waves of turbulence moved through and rumbled glasses in our china cabinet. Taz, our tiny Yorkie sleeps on a blanket at Jilda's feet.

After the first boom, she scrunched up between us. I reached down to offer comfort. Her little heart was pounding. 

This morning, when I looked out the window there was a small lake where our tomatoes were in early autumn.

The editor at the paper said that if I saw any flooding here to snap a picture for a story for tomorrow's paper.

Jilda and I had to take my truck to the shop to have some front-end work done so we drove by the forks of the river.

The river was up. The historic marker that sits at the edge of the parking lot was almost submerged.

When I looked up the river, I noticed the resident ducks. They were swimming on high ground.

It will take a few days for the water to crest but the weatherman is forecasting more rain. 

I wanted to tell the duck to head for higher ground, but the message was lost in translation.


  1. I suspect the ducks have the message. And hope that any flood damage is minimal.

  2. Merry belated Christmas! I got sick a week before Christmas and still have a fever. Slept most of today but trying to get back to humankind. Too warm today and you did get lots of rain but the ducks seem to love it. Nice picture

    1. Take care Birgit. Being sick during the holidays sucks.

  3. When you think about the sheer amount of water it takes to make it flood it is an awesome thing. Then you realize all the bad things that can happen.

  4. I've noticed the wake left by paddling ducks forms a feather shape in the water. It comforts me in floody times and cannot be coincidental. Nature is maybe a sort of language, eh?

  5. That is a wonderful picture. I could just imagine them there in the water, swimming their way to that higher ground. Maybe we could all learn a lesson from the ducks...

  6. Our water here is back inthe banks of the Peace River, but still high. And yes to Emma also. When you see flooding, it has the impact, amazing how much rain fell.

  7. What a beautiful picture.
    When it rains a lot we call that weather for the ducks. I hope the rain stops before it floods more. In the last flood we had a pair of mallard ducks swimming in our backyard.
    Hugs, Julia

  8. Do ducks worry about flooding?

  9. Instead of Joeh's question, I was thinking that the ducks are just letting it roll off their backs. :-)


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