Sunday, December 30, 2018

Someplace new

My birthday is in less than two weeks. We usually spend the weekend at the beach. For years it was deserted on the second weekend in January.

A few years ago when we arrived at our hotel, we couldn't find a parking place. That night it was hard to sleep because the hall outside our door was filled with kids from about 13 to 18. Apparently, there was some kind of religious retreat for kids in the southeast. I know their young minds should be contemplating on how to spread the Word and make the world a better place, but they were in heat.

The following year it was the same thing.

Even though I'm on Medicare, I'm not an old fogie. I was that age once and I remember what it's like to lust so hard my ears hurt...but when I go to the beach in January for my birthday, I expect it to be a peaceful stay. 

So, this year I think we'll do something new. That's not a bad thing. In fact, one of the goals that will go in my book tomorrow night is: Travel to someplace new.

After Jilda and I blog tonight, we will sit down and decided on a destination. I will miss the sunsets, the sand, the shells, the whisper of the surf, and the smell of salty air. But, I will not miss all the panting from kids with raging hormones.


  1. I know a nice AirBnB in Little Washington North Carolina.

  2. Happy birthday (in advance) to a fellow Capricorn. And hooray for pastures new.

  3. Happy birthday in advance. I hope you can find a place with decent weather.

  4. You guys will love where ever you chose. Life is great with the right person, as you know from experience. Nice Beach shot!

  5. Thank you for that beach picture to start of my day! It is always my favorite place to be. Hope that wherever you go for your birthday will be a calm and restful place. This time of year lots of colleges are on break and many do head south for sure. I saw on the news that Times square in NYC is already filling up for tonights celebration. Talk about crowded, it will certainly be packed there. Hope you both enjoy your evening and you have a Happy New Years Eve welcoming in the New Year with ease!

  6. That's a lovely picture. Is there only one hotel at the beach where you used to go for your birthday? I hope that you'll find the perfect place. You have to make some new memories.
    That's a lovely picture.
    Happy New Year's Eve.
    Hugs, Julia


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