Saturday, December 01, 2018

Happy Birthday Mama

Today would have been my mama's 94th birthday had she lived.  I've written a great deal about her in the past.

She was the middle child in a family with 13 kids. She knew the value of work and she could stretch a dollar enough to make it cover a football field.

My dad got a job as a welder. Craftsmen didn't earn much in those days. We ate a lot of butterbeans and cornbread. That was fortunate for me because I loved butterbeans and cornbread. 

When I was a kid, women didn't work outside the home. They cooked, cleaned, washed, starched, and ironed. She did that for not only us also but also for people in the community that were more affluent. She used this money to buy things...mostly for us kids.

Christmas was a big deal for her. She cooked for weeks before the holiday. She baked pies, cookies, and other goodies.

She loved putting up the tree each year. Ours had tinsel, old ornaments, and bubble lights that fizzed when they warmed up.

My mama taught all of us kids the value of work. Slothfulness was an ugly word to her. A few of our kinfolks "wouldn't hit a lick at a snake," as she used to say. She always warned us – "Be like them and you'll never have anything."

Being lazy was close to being a sin to her.  Even now, when I get caught up with the things on my todo list, I feel a little guilty for taking time off. 

Happy birthday, mama, I miss you.


  1. Fine tribute to your Mom!
    She looks lovely in the picture.

  2. "When I was a kid, women didn't work outside the home. They cooked, cleaned, washed, starched, and ironed."

    That's way harder than working in cubicle working in cubicle world!

    "...and bubble lights that fizzed when they warmed up."

    My hubby and I were just talking about those. His granny had them! But they don't sell them anymore because the liquid was something dangerous. Ha ha... the old days! :)

    Your mom sounds lovely and much loved. I know you miss her very much.

    1. ...oops... got a little carried away typing in cubicle world?

  3. Oh boy do I love this one. Great tribute to a 'working' mama. Washing & Ironing and general cleaning was WORK, in capitols, back then. Your mama looks a lot like my Sherry did at that age and that arm behind the back holding the other arm was neat. Love it. My mama 'knowed' several people who would not strike a snake. LOL
    Love it... Good one,, yeah missing real mothers is easy....

  4. A truly lovely tribute - to an extremely hard worker.

  5. What a great tribut to your mom. I know she meant every word she said. Moms are the best.
    Oh yea, I remember the tinsel on the trees.

  6. Your mother sounds like a wonderful person and your love for her shines in your tribute of her for sure. Tis the season we seem to miss those we've loved and lost the most.

  7. What a love letter to your Mom. She raised you up right.

  8. Anonymous1:21 AM

    A lovely tribute to a lovely woman!!


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