Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Winter scene

Summertime here is oppressive. We walk daily because we have to just to stay fit. But walking in winter is a joy. This morning I felt like the Michelin man. I cacoon'd up in several layers of clothes and headed out.

We had freezing fog which is something we rarely have here. It coated leaves and limbs. I snapped a picture of the blueberry bushes which had frosty leaves. It felt good to be alive.


  1. Hooray for chilly mornings. Soooooo much easier to exercise in.

  2. Never heard of “frozen fog” . This is really cool. We are the opposite here. If its cold, we hate going outside. The treadmill gets cleaned off and plugged in for miles.

  3. Ugh trying to catch up. Love this photo which looks magical

  4. Frost tipped leaves do make for a beautiful picture. Yes, the good thing about winter weather is that we can bundle up and keep warm anyway. Sometimes I feel as though I put on 10 pounds, just from the additional clothing I wear, but I'm warm no matter how cold it gets.

  5. Gorgeous! Yes, there's something about winter weather than makes everything feel more vibrant … particularly my taste buds. (Not necessarily a good thing, but there you go.)

  6. A lovely photo, yes winter is just as special as summer


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