Friday, December 21, 2018

Down to the wire

We did the last bit of Christmas shopping today. We bought gifts for our great-great-nieces and nephews. We give kids gifts like books, educational toys, microscopes, and kits that teach them about earth and sky. We like spending our money on gifts they will enjoy after the tree is down and the Christmas cookies are gone.

Another Christmas item checked off our list is Christmas cards. We slipped the last Christmas card into the jaws of a drive-by mailbox this afternoon.

Tonight we watched an old Christmas movie. The Shop Around the Corner starring Jimmy Stewart. It's one of our favorites.

Tomorrow is wrapping day. We're so close to being ready for Christmas we can smell the reindeer droppings.

I took this picture a few years back when we got our Christmas tree.


  1. It sounds like a great day for you too.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. Most of my preparations are done too. Which is a rarity.
    Love that cheery photo.

  3. Anonymous11:19 PM

    If Mrs. Claus looked like that, Santa would be even jollier!!

  4. I love that picture ! Glad you are done with shopping and only have the wrapping to do! It's much the same here. And surprise ! we have snow on the ground this morning!

  5. I'm with old fishducky! I love the feeling sent out by the post. I even like the jaws of the mail box!
    From the edge of the flooded Peace River, Sherry 'n jack

  6. I've got it surrounded and I think I actually do smell droppings..hehe...I love the pic of Jilda! She's such a beauty..have a good weekend!

  7. ya had me all in the Christmas spirit until the "Reindeer droppings smell."

  8. My elderly aunt and uncle traditionally gave me a book at Christmas. My favorite!

  9. Wishing you both a fantastic Christmas. And now we wait, we great anticipation, the smell of reindeer droppings....


  10. I love The Shop Around the Corner. What a pretty Mrs. Santa with the sleigh.



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