Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Camera faux pas

Jilda and I spent the morning at the doctor's office for a routine exam and to get a flu shot. We had lunch at Nikis, one of our favorite restaurants in Birmingham. The food is excellent and the service is great.

Once home, we promptly decided to take a nap. Yes, we do that on off days. Sue us.

When my timer went off we sat there for a moment. I heard her exclaim – LOOK!

Out in the birdbath was a yellow cardinal.

The birdbath is about 30 feet from our great room window and I knew the phone would not do the lovely bird justice so I stepped over and got the camera and snapped on a 200 mm lens.

On automatic, the camera wanted to use the flash and I knew this was a non-flash photoshoot so I flipped the dial over to M (manual) and set the aperture to f18. This would ensure the bird would be in focus.

I smiled as I snapped several pictures. The bird must have sensed that we were watching so it flitted off.

When I stepped over to the couch to show Jilda my photographic prowess. The image below is what I saw. Studying the camera more settings I realized that I had set the aperture to f18, but the shutter speed was set to 8000. I think that setting is what photographers use when they shoot portraits on the surface of the sun.

So, you'll have to trust me when I say the yellow cardinal was beautiful.


  1. Should have used the phone.

    Interesting, my research was unable to find a "rare" yellow cardinal anywhere but Alabama, specifically Shelby County Al.

  2. A shutter speed of 8000! Who knew this was possible? You can always pass this image off as one taken on the dark side of the moon

  3. Been there, done that (or something very similar). You have my heartfelt sympathy.

  4. I trust you. I'm sure the bird was beautiful.


  5. A great chuckle at the end of the day.

  6. I'm sure the yellow cardinal will return if you put some food down for it. Better luck next time.
    Hugs, Julia

  7. I've never had the pleasure of seeing a yellow Cardinal, I would have thought it was a canary :)
    Hopefully, it will return.

  8. Ahhh I have enjoyed so many pictures just like that one. OUCH! Glad t know that even experts miss read those many dials, buttons and whistles on a good camera! At least 99% of the time you get it right. I would be 3%. LOL
    Sherry & jack

  9. Oh my I've done that one before. It's easy and you are not alone. Been there and done that one. Better luck next time!

  10. Darn it! I have never seen a yellow cardinal. Way to go RICK!!!!

  11. hahahaaa-I have done that more than once but usually the birds take off before I even get to take any picture. I think this yellow cardinal was meant just for you two.

  12. I have only seen one yellow cardinal in my life. I can say it was beautiful. At least you and Jilda were able to see it.

  13. I've never seen a yellow cardinal, in fact I didn't even know they existed! So cool! I hope it visits again and your camera behaves!


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