Friday, October 18, 2019

Leafy white fungus flakes

Today was a rare day. We had absolutely nothing on our calendar. Well, that's untrue. I had an assignment to talk parade pictures at a town on the other end of the county. It was a favor for the editor who had a retirement party he wanted to attend and I volunteered to shoot the pics for him.

As it turns out, he had the date wrong and homecoming isn't until next Friday. Woo Hoo!

I had about a zillion important but not urgent things to do around the house. Those are the things that keep getting shuffled to the bottom of the list until something breaks and then it becomes job one.

Tonight, I am whupped, but it feels good getting some things done.

I shot this picture today on our morning walk. Leafy white fungus flakes are taking over limbs and logs all along our wooded path.


  1. The homecoming reprieve is like a snow day as a kid.

  2. I have never seen funghi like that. How fascinating - and beautiful.
    Hooray for a productive day.

  3. I have seen that in the woods over the years, Rick. There is a kind of rustic beauty there, isn't there? Happy weekend to you and Jilda. Hugs-Diana

  4. Nature is beautiful...surprises us in many ways!

  5. Nice to enjoy a 'mistake'. I always love the pictures, the detail is neat to see. I picked out one leaf I loved. That is fun!
    Sherry & jack

  6. As I was scrolling down the page I stopped at the top of your picture. I saw what looked like an alligator tail. Interesting picture.

  7. It's nice when a mistake gives you some free time. I need to do some clean up around the house too but prefer amusing myself with some crochet. Fungus are very necessary in the eco system. Have a great weekend you and Jilda.
    Hugs, Julia


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