Thursday, October 24, 2019

I have no words

On Monday, I got a call from my great-nephew Jordan's mom asking if I could pick him up from school yesterday.

My schedule was flexible so I said, of course.

I showed up and checked him out about an hour early. Checking out is a term meaning that he got to leave about an hour sooner than normal.

As we rolled out of the parking lot, I asked if he was hungry. He's in the sixth grade. He's ALWAYS hungry. I thought he would choose one of the fast-food places nearby, but after giving it a great deal of thought, he decided he wanted an icy.

There is a shaved ice place on the way home so I wheeled into the parking lot and went in.

He ordered a watermelon and mango flavored icy. I had no words.

The lady who owns the tiny shop also carries homemade meat skins. He decided he wanted a bag of cajun meat skins to go with his icy. I had no words.

The woman had her shop decorated up for Halloween. While I sat on a stool waiting, Jordan asked to see my phone.

He snapped a few pictures of me sitting on the stool. He giggled as he handed the phone back to me.

It wasn't until just now when I was looking for a picture to post tonight that I realized why he was giggling. I have no words.


  1. A good picture. Never heard of "meat skins" i'm afraid to find out what they are, sounds awful. Of course, I enjoy a slice or two of Philadelphia scrapple at breakfast so...

  2. Watermelon and mango sounds good to me (but mango anything sounds good).
    Not surprised he was giggling as he took the photo. I would too.

  3. You have the best Jordan ever in your life.

  4. Oh Jordan was having a fun time. I like that you let him pick what he wanted to eat. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  5. Some things do tend to leave us speechless. Are meat skins like pork rinds. That is not something I'm familiar with and have no eords to say on that either. Hope you and Jordan have many more adventures together.

    1. Yes, they are pork rind. These are crispy like potato chips.

    2. You are ruining that young'un. Of course you will be his hero forever. Meat skins, used to love 'em thangs.
      Sherry & jack

  6. Is it wrong that I jus love him? That pic is priceless.

  7. Better keep an eye on him. looks like someone is out to get you.

  8. That is picture perfection! Hope you have a print made and frame it.


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