Thursday, October 03, 2019

I decided to dream

I know you are probably sick of hearing me whine about the weather. A local comedian wrote that it was 10 degrees hotter than hell today. I could not argue with that.

So, I decided to dream. I looked back at my Google photos from October of 2017 and found a picture of my nieces and nephews around our firepit.


  1. This looks so nice and peaceful plus fun

  2. I firmly believe we all NEED to dream.

  3. Dare to dream. It will have to cool soon.

  4. It is important to hang on to those dreams. It will eventually get cooler. It has happened here, finally summer went and now we are about 30 degrees cooler than yesterday. We went from 90's down to 60's. Time to enjoy a campfire for sure !

  5. Thanks dude, I am headed out to our fire pit to start a fire to welcome the grands in from Tennessee. Nice Picture.
    Sherry & jack

  6. Looks like a fun memory ~ fall will come! It's just running late.

  7. I would love to sit around the fire pit with family and friends. It looks cosy.
    It's quite cool and humid here today. I'm enjoying being indoor and there's a fire in the wood stove.
    I hope it cools off soon.
    Hugs, Julia

  8. Dear Rick, now that's what my backyard needs! A fire pit for the cats and their servant to sit around. Today the low is 51 and the high is 61 and on Monday our high was 89 with a heat index of 95! Who knows in today's world of climate change what the seasons of the year will be like from now on! Peace.

  9. Nice I know a number of people who love having a fire pit


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