Wednesday, October 02, 2019

He will play

One of our friends called today. He's been playing music as long as Jilda and me. His instrument of choice was a piano/synthesizer. A grand piano sits majestically in his living room.

While the conversation was about music, it wasn't about keyboards. He has decided that he wants to learn how to play guitar.

We talked for almost an hour about the various choices. He wants an acoustic guitar. That narrowed it down, but prices for acoustic guitars start just over $100 and max out at just slightly more than the GDP of California.

The one thing he said that made me believe that he will learn to play is that he has committed to practicing at least one hour each day.

I have a gut feeling that he will play.


  1. I hope he enjoys it. And look forward to a future post when he is playing with you.

  2. I would have like to learn to play guitar when I was younger
    If he can devote one hour a day, he should do well.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Anyone smart enough to talk to a picker before he tries will most likely learn to play. BUT when one buys a $5 guitar with strings 1/2" from the frets will probably drop out, YOU KNOW how sore the fingers get. LOL Me too, the hard way. The Trumpet was much simpler. hahaha
    Good luck to your friend.

  4. I think it would be wonderful enough to play the piano, but I suppose he will learn the guitar easy enough as he loves music so. I don't play either, but love to listen to them.

  5. Those fingers will need a salt water bath for the first few weeks if he plays an hour a day.

    Still, so much fun!

  6. We can never have too much music. Good for your friend.

  7. I would love to learn the harmonica. lol. I took a few guitar lessons when I was younger but never put my heart into it.

  8. I love this picture of the guitar and it just suits your story.


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