Wednesday, October 30, 2019

More spider pictures

Today has been an old rainy day. This morning when it was time to walk, Jilda and I suited up. When we opened the door the dogs, launched outside but once they realized it was pouring, their enthusiasm diminished dramatically.

They did walk with us, but only long enough to take care of business. 

I know I've been on a spider kick, but my choices are limited when it's raining cats and dogs.

Tomorrow is supposed to be sweater weather. 


  1. You missed a great photo-op, you could have posted a pic of the cats and dogs raining down!

    Instead we get another spider's web.
    What were you thinking Rick?

    1. I’m not sure what I was thinking:)

    2. Alphie makes a good point!

  2. That is one glorious web! Your Spidey senses are working overtime.

  3. That web looks strong enough to sit in!

  4. That is a big spider web. Glad you saw it before you walked into it and through it. I hate that feeling. Have a spooky Halloween!

  5. A beautiful web with a very icky spider in the centre. Is that spider poisonous. I know they all are but some are very poisonous. The web is so dainty and beautiful but deadly


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