Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Spider's prayer

The mist yesterday morning was as thick a gauze. When we stepped out to walk the dogs, the barn looked like a faded photograph in the distance.

One of the first things I noticed was spider webs. Most of them were tiny. Some hunkered in the grass close to the ground. Some were woven between branches of the blueberries. The smaller ones looked like ghost ships.

The picture below is a web in the lower branches of the apple tree.

I've seen webs so perfect that they did not look real...and others like the one below that were dangling by a spider's prayer.

The weatherman says the temps will plummet this weekend and that we will probably see our first frost. This will have the spiders seeking cover from the wind.

I hope this Tuesday has been kind to you.


  1. I adore that bejewelled web - and envy you the frost.

  2. That is a great ;picture, I can see the web perfectly. They are a work of beauty in nature. Our temps are dropping here too. We may see snow in some places they say, hopefully not here.

  3. Dear Rick, always a spider's web reminds me of Charlotte's! I believe that book will be read centuries from now. We have now experienced our first frost. It's chilly here today and overcast with snow predicted--unusual for Missouri in October. Peace.

  4. Spider webs are such a wonder to see. They are also a pain to walk through because they adhere to everything.

  5. The webs are amazing and also beautiful until you walk into one in the woods and do a real funny dance!
    Good picture.
    Sherry & jack

  6. Another awesome shot that looks so magicial

  7. I love this shot of this web which would make a beautiful card for someone. Just makes me think of Fall and Charlotte's web.

  8. I feel funny saying this but that is a beautiful shot of a spider web.


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