Sunday, October 20, 2019

Fun with fungus

It was overcast and cool today. Summer storms had blown down some weak trees on our property. When the temps are as hot as a BBQ coal, I don't drag out my chainsaw. It's not a consumer saw. Those are the ones you get at the big-box store, use it a few summers and toss it when it dies.

I saved my made money for a while and bought a beast. It's the kind pulpwood cutters use. I took it to be serviced earlier in the summer, and when I hefted it out of the truckbed to take it into the shop, a career pulpwooder whistled. "That's a good looking saw man," he said.

Anyhow, it gets the job done in a hurry, but it weighs only just slightly less than a Buick. 

So, when trees fall, I leave them there and make a mental note to return when it gets cool. That was today. I cut enough timber to build an ark.

Jilda noticed something interesting growing on an old log by the walking path this morning. I know I posted a limb with fungus a few days ago, but this one log had two different kinds growing within a few feet of each other.

Since I knew with the weather that it would be a slow pic day, I snapped a few of the log just for kicks.

It doesn't take much to amuse me, a cool day, fallen trees, and fungi on a log.


  1. I don't own one, but the sound of a chain saw boosts my testosterone.

  2. I am spoiled and over 80, LOL. I have three perfectly good gas powered chain saws up to 3 ft. But the last oak that fell I used the electric Chain saw, probably weighs 5 lbs, it fits this old mans hands and I enjoy the fact the noise stops when I release the trigger. LOL That actually takes some getting used to. Yep, I have become a 'pantie waist'.
    Love you
    Sherry & jack

  3. The first picture looks like the log is covered with butterflies. The second looks like a ninja used it for target practice.

  4. Love the funghi. I will admit to being uncomfortable around chainsaws. They do a good job, but can also do a good job on people too.

  5. You have a lovely place there but it sounds like a lot of work to maintain. Hefting chain saws of any kind would be way beyond any thing I'd be able to do. At least you rewarded by some of nature works of art.

  6. I find the fungi on the first photo very beautiful.

    It may not be lady like but I've been wanting to buy myself an electric chainsaw since last year... I used my husband's old electric saw a few years ago but since he has 3 other big gas chainsaws, he gave the electric one to his brother. I can do some fine work with my fingers and some heavy work with my hands.
    Enjoy this day.
    Hugs, Julia

  7. Interesting photos. The fungus in the first photo looks like pencil shavings.

  8. Chainsaws come in handy, not that I would use one...............
    Awesome photo


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