Tuesday, December 31, 2019

2019 in Review

A year has passed. I remember sitting at my office desk a year ago compiling a list of things I wanted to accomplish this year. They seemed important...even urgent. And then, life happens.

As it turns out, I hit a few of my goals, but I missed a few. There were some on which I made no headway.

We did get a new vehicle. We bought a car from our great-niece a few years ago when Jilda's Volvo was way past her "Use By" date.  The car we bought from her was a Honda. I know a lot of people love these cars, but it wasn't a fit for us. Putting our performing equipment in and out of that car was brutal.

Early in the spring, we bought a Subaru Outback. Jilda had a picture of the car she wanted on her vision board. The car we bought was the same color, with all the options of the car on her board.

Not long after we drove off the lot with that car, we crossed off another thing on my list which was to go somewhere we'd never been.

We spent our 45 wedding anniversary in Savannah, Georgia.  We fell in love with Savannah.

There were several projects on my list that we completed this year.

One of the things that did not get crossed off my list was to go fly fishing. I'd written that I wanted to go monthly. I did not go fishing a single time.

Some things we did accomplish this year was that I read 50 books. We spent quality time with friends. We refurbished the chicken habitat. We performed at some new venues. And we focused on our health. We became beekeepers.

While becoming beekeepers wasn't on either of our lists for this year, I am very happy we did. The more I've studied bees, the more I realize how important they are to our survival.

The thing is, a year is a good unit of time. If you measure shorter spans, then it's hard to know if you're making progress or spinning your wheels. If you measure too much time, you can lose sight of where you're going or why you wanted to go there.

When I think about the coming year, it is my intention to focus on doing things that make me a better person. And if I can do one thing that makes this world a better place, I would consider that success.


  1. Happy 2020 New Year Rick and Jilda. Both of your posts are read daily with appreciation.

  2. Love your achievements - and your aim.
    A very Happy 2020 (and all the years to come) to you both.

  3. I enjoyed reading your accomplishments this year. Can’t wait to hear what you will be up to this New Year.
    Happy New Year

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  5. I could not believe you did not go fishing once! But your accomplishments are good stuff, especially the Bee keeping. Yep, I have read and Heard for years how important those 'stinging' boogers are. And of course the honey is special. The best to you and Jilda this coming year.
    I also hope I learn to type better this coming year. LOL

  6. Happy New Year. I love reading your blog even though I don't comment often. You do things always that make the world a better place - like your music, your love for your bride, loving animals. Looking forward to more in 2020.

  7. I'd say you had a good year and your goals for the new year are good ones too. We just have to keep moving forward the best we can. Time stops for no one.

  8. Both you and Jilda being in the world makes it a better place. She carries herself with such dignity and is so caring. You are also caring and you share your interviews with us so we can learn about other people. Happy New Year

  9. Great looking car! I don't anyone can go wrong with Subaru. Curious to know if you've decided on a destination for your birthday!

  10. Happy New year to you and Jilda! I would say you accomplished plenty last year. I hope this year is full of good health and happiness!

  11. Happy New Year Rick. I'm sure 2020 will be a great year also.
    Hugs, Julia


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