Thursday, December 05, 2019

Dreams are so mysterious

These last few nights, my dreams have been vivid. Although I can only remember snippets of them, I know they were special because I woke up smiling. Jilda has had a similar experience.

Maybe it's the angle of the light or maybe the approaching winter solstice, but something is different.

Last night as I got ready for bed, I put a pencil and a piece of paper on the nightstand. Again, I had a vivid dream. It could have been a dream that lasted hours, but all that I wrote down on the paper was - If I had another chance.

That could mean so little...or so much.

Maybe it was just a dream, but I can almost hear a song...almost see a book...or, a movie.

Dreams can be so mysterious.


  1. I dream in conversations rather than images. Often I am uncertain whether is WAS a dream - but yes, they are indeed mysterious beasts.
    If I had another chance... says so much. I doubt there is anyone who wouldn't respond to that one.

  2. I sometimes have vivid dreams. When I wake up I remember them and vow to jot them down when my eyes are completely open. By that time they are gone.

  3. hey say we should pay attention to our dreams as they have a meaning for us. But I rarely remember mine at all. No matter I guess, at least I haven't had any nightmares lately. Always better to wake up with a good feeling. May all your dreams come true then.

  4. Goosebumps! I rarely recall dreaming anymore. But, only yesterday I was telling Tom that I've been experiencing some vivid dreams for the last few days. Almost as good as the ones I used to have while taking Chantix. (LOL)

  5. I usually dream about departed family members. When this happens,after waking up I light a candle and say a prayer for their soul to have peace and be remembered.

  6. Oh yes the dream is something special. How the brain puts them together does anyone know? Mostly I enjoy dreaming, EXCEPT FOR THE FEW REAL CRAZY ONES. OUCH!
    Good thoughts.. Also a pretty good idea for the pencil and paper, I always say, this one I will remember......... but don't!

    BUT there are the dreams I want to RELIVE! ;-)

  7. Dreams can be a blessing or not....................
    Sometimes I remember a dream but often not so much....................


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