Friday, December 27, 2019

Raking leaves from the roof

Each time we walked the last few weeks, I've noticed that the oak and hickory trees around the old house and barn are now bare. Tons of leaves have fallen.

During our walk, we wade through layers of dried leaves ankle deep. Over the coming weeks of winter, the elements will render them back into their basic components. The earth will rejoice. 

The leaves on the tin roof take more time.

"I've got to get those leaves off that roof," I'd say...and keep on walking. 

The next day I'd say, "I've got to get those leaves off that roof." And so on.

Well, today, we both got caught up with family, after-the-holiday-house-cleaning, and stuff. Jilda decided to use her free time by starting one of her online classes. I hoisted a ladder and a rake onto my shoulder with the intention of tending to a long-overdue chore at the old house.

The leaves in the gutters had begun to biodegrade. Underneath the top layer of dried leaves, was a layer of compost. I raked up a fistful and held it up to my nose. The scent was earthy - like what I imagine the planet smelled like before man discovered oil, coal, and polyvinyl chloride.

I'd almost finished when the rain moved in from the south. Standing on the ladder, I took a moment to rest. Raindrops began ticking on the newly cleaned metal roof. 

When I climbed down from the ladder, the dogs were waiting under the shelter of the front porch. We all made a mad dash for the house.

It felt good to complete a chore from my long-neglected todo list.

NOTE: I shot this picture in late September. This should give you an idea of what I cleaned off the roof this afternoon.


  1. I do love the smell of compost - and have four compost bins at home.

  2. Being in AZ we no longer rake leaves but when we lived in Montana we used to have to rake the snow off our roof. I prefer no raking.

  3. Here I am wondering how you rake an A frame, LOL I love the picture of the old house, reminds me of Grandpa's house. Something there is about old houses and barns......
    Good one, not sure about the 'earthy smell' though!!!!!
    Sherry & jack

  4. The scent of fall leaves decaying is one of my favorites. I love the photo!

  5. Cleaning gutters was my least favorite chore, and I never had THAT many leaves.

    I did love the smell when we were allowed to burn the leaves.

  6. Smells are so important. The odor of the earth after a spring rain, flowers growing in a garden, fresh cut grass, even the waft of cattle in the air. They are smells I missed when I lived in the big city.

  7. Cleaning leaves off the roof is something not done often enough here


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