Sunday, December 08, 2019

Fingers crossed

Jilda and I were getting ready to go to the company Christmas party this afternoon. I felt something tender on my stomach.

Pulling my shirt off I saw a place on my right side. I'm pretty sure it's a spider bite. I pulled the decorations from the barn yesterday and I spent time on the ground. I'm guessing it's been warm enough for them to be active.

I have my fingers crossed that the meds I put on it will make it go away. If it's not better in the morning, I'll be having an unscheduled visit to my doc.

Meanwhile, here's a picture from December 2009.


  1. You've got some nasty spiders below the Mason Dixon line, hope you bite was from one of the not-so-nasty ones.

  2. I hope its nothing serious. Keep us updated.
    We raked leaves again last week. A place between my finger and thumb that let out a sting. It was enough pain for me to jerk my glove off. I started getting upset that something must have bit. After my shower, I realized it was only a blister from raking. We had a laugh.
    Fingers crossed for you.

  3. Good luck.
    I got fanged by one of our less than delightful spiders when I was in the shower one morning. I got lucky and had no ill effects - which I do hope is true for you too.

  4. I do hope all is ok and you have no bad effects from the bite. Yes, until a good freeze, they are still around. Hope you enjoyed the party.

  5. I consider myself very fortunate to have never made a spider that mad. LOL. I hate to hear that you met one up close and personal. Hope the meds do the deed. I think I see a little ice in the picture.
    Sherry & jack

  6. Whoa! Spider bites are nasty and I really hope yours is healed quickly! Thanks for your kind words for Jack..he's doing good! Fingers crossed and prayers coming your way from Ohio!

  7. A spider bite doesn't sound good


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