Friday, December 20, 2019

Helping him find his way

Our great nephew Jordan spent much of the day with us today. He worked hard but then, he's not afraid of work.

One of the things he promised when we agreed to let him keep the chickens here was that he would help keep the pen clean. This was a "Clean the chicken coop poop day."

When I called this morning and told him it was time, he said he would be here in a minute. By the time I'd laid the phone down and put on one shoe, there was a knock on the door. It had not been two full minutes. He panted as he apologized. "I'm sorry I'm late, I couldn't find my coat," he said.

He'd gotten his shoes on, put on a jacket, and ran the 150 yards from his house to mine in less than two minutes, I kid you not. I can barely remember when I had that kind of energy.

We raked a couple of wheelbarrows of poop and soiled cedar chips, before spreading a fresh bale of cedar chips.

It's supposed to rain in a few days so he raked up pine straw and spread it in the pen to keep the chickens from having to walk on the muddy ground.

Part of what I do is teach Jordan how to use tools and how to work safely. These are not things they teach in school.

After we spread the poop on the compost pile, we walked down to the thinking bench and sat for a long time. The morning sun felt warm on our faces. We didn't talk a lot. He's worried about his Nana who is having some health issues. I thought it might help if he made her a gift.

Stepping to the edge of the woods, I pulled a rope of muscadine vine from a nearby oak. I snipped it free with my pocket knife and then showed him how to weave the vine into a Christmas wreath.

Who knows what he will remember when he gets older? It's hard to say if he'll hold on to any of what we do together, but I'm hoping it will help him find his way.


  1. I am pretty certain that he will hang on to a LOT of what you do together.
    Everyone needs an Uncle Rick - and some are lucky enough to find one.

  2. What a great uncle you are. I would think he'll never forget the things you've taught him. You've given him the gifts of time and love. Who could ask for anything more.

  3. He will be passing your lessons on to others in the years to come.

  4. My uncle Hisure Kept my Grandson for a couple years. Once when I had Matt in the basement and he wanted to oil his trike. We did. When finished he asked, "Now where do we put the tools?" I was taken aback he was 4. I asked, "How do you know to put the tools up?"
    He answered with a smile, "Papa Hisure taught me to put away the tools after using them and they will be ready the next time."
    It hit me like a ton of bricks, I NEVER taught my sons that, assuming they would just learn by seeing, BUT THEY DIDN'T.
    Now Matt is grown and a father. He is one neat dude, still puts things up. SOOOO Jordan will remember. I love this one.
    Sherry & jack down in Florida 69 right now with a little wind.

  5. Heartwarming! Jordan gets MY vote for Kid of the Year.

  6. These are precious moments you share with Jordan. Things as simple as sitting quietly on the thinking bench are the types of things strongest in my memory. Jordan will retain most of what he learns in his time with you but the most valuable will be stopping to check your river, going for a walk, appreciating a sunset...

  7. Jordan is so lucky to have you in hiss life


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