Thursday, December 26, 2019


The sunsets these last few days have been rare. Each moment the sky offers a different mix of color. The silhouettes of bare trees backlit by colors or red, orange, magenta, and other colors that have no name are both stark and stunning. 

We had an opportunity to rest up on this Boxing Day. I finished one of my online classes on photography. The class was by Anne Leibovitz who has taken portraits for Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, and Life magazines to name a few. Her approach is not so much the technical aspects, but the how and why. She focused (pun intended) on new ways of seeing opportunities for pictures.

The next class I signed up for was writing short stories taught by Joyce Carol Oats. I'm excited.

During these last few days of the decade, do something for yourself. You deserve it.


  1. With your ability to paint a picture with words, short story writing lessons should really pay off.

  2. That is a truly spectacular skyscape.
    Love that your 'doing something for yourself' involves learning and stretching your horizons.

  3. On line classes are great - I just finished a 21 (which was extended to 30) days of reWrite, what I loved was the daily audio - the freedom of listening, going back and listening to a section again etc. works for me.
    Happy New Year to both you and Jilda.

  4. I seen this sunset yesterday. It was breath taking.

  5. How interesting. I think I'll take a look.

  6. Absolutely beautiful color. I must check into the writing courses available on the internet. I keep saying I want to attend some courses at the local colleges 'when I retire' LOL Thanks for the pointer.

    1. Hey Jack, I read a book that helped me. The title is Stein on Writing. He talks about fiction and non fiction. He describes methods of writing clearly and putting “furniture” in the sentences.
      I learned a lot from that book. In fact, I’m rereading it now.

  7. Wow, that sunset is spectacular! I was scrolling along on my reading list and glimpsed it, and I had to stop and peer at it a bit more. Stunning.


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