Sunday, December 15, 2019

A gift that kept on giving

I started badgering my mom not long after Labor Day of 1964. I wanted a guitar for Christmas. Our neighbors had two cousins visiting from "Up North." They playing guitar. 

I heard them stumble through songs from the radio. They weren't that good, but something about making music resonated with me. 

Two of my cousins had gotten guitars the previous Christmas but by summer, both were dusty from disuse. 

I borrowed one. The following weekend, I went camping with my friend Donnie Pinion. He couldn't' carry a tune in a bucket, but he played beautifully. He taught me how to play Green Green Grass of Home.

School started back the following week after Labor Day and that's when my campaign began. I promised to keep her car spotless until I graduated from high school. I told her I would bring in enough coal to feed the StokerMatic until spring, and so forth.

That Christmas, I got some gifts but much to my dismay, a guitar was not one of them. I acted like I was happy and all, but I was disappointed.  

While my brother and sister had opened their gifts, my mother stepped to her bedroom and pulled my final gift from under her bed. 

In was a Tesco Del Rey electric guitar that she bought from Sears and Roebuck. Without realizing it, she gave me a gift that provided joy all of my life. 

I still have the guitar that I keep in a special case. A few years ago, I had it overhauled with new tuners and other parts that had worn from years of use. 

It was a gift that kept on giving.


  1. It is beautiful. Music is obviously a big part of your life. You and Jilda both enjoy your gigs. It was a good present.

  2. And giving.
    And giving. To you, and to those lucky enough to hear you.

  3. WOW I can imagine the excitement on your face.
    I got a guitar for Christmas once. I remember looking at my dad with a confused look on my face. I never asked for a guitar but he wanted me to learn to play one. I tried.

  4. What a wonderful gift and one you will never forget since I keeps on giving. Merry Christmas !

  5. The simple but wonderful story of Christmas Magic. Sweet you still have it to roll back the years of smiles. Great entry. Love it. MERRY CHRISTMAS SEASON to you and the pretty lady Jilda!
    Sherry & jack

  6. Wonderful that it keeps on giving

  7. What a great gift. It's something every parent wishes they could do..find that one gift that will inspire and be loved or remembered forever. You had 2 great gifts...that guitar and a very loving Mother.

  8. Anonymous12:03 PM

    What a beautiful gift and memory. I just watched A Christmas Story and the parents did the same thing. He opened up all his gifts (including the rabbit outfit) and was disappointed until dad mentioned there was something left behind the desk and that is when he got his red Ryder BB gun(you'll shoot your eye out). It's Birgit


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