Monday, December 09, 2019


A few weeks ago we had a new visitor looking through our great room window. The legs of the table in front of the window created a framed picture of a young lab-mix puppy. 

We thought at first he was just visiting and wanted to get in on the free doggie daycare that we do for our niece's dog Lady. 

Late that evening, he heard a car drive by and he ran as if he were running home to meet a friend. 
A day or so later he came back. I posted a picture of him on social media that was shared - a bunch.

He left again. We assumed his folks fetched him. They didn't. Now he's been in our yard for the last three days.

Ol' Hook has guard duty at night so he sleeps on a doggie bed in front of the window. He was still sleeping this morning when the throw-a-way stood on his back legs with his front paws on the glass. He was peering in lovingly at Hook.

Hook woke up and saw the pup and immediately headed for the door. We let him outside and he played with his new friend for hours.

I put another post on social media today but I'm not hopeful that anyone will respond. 

I'm hoping a local rescue group will help get us a discount with the vet when we take him in midweek for an evaluation. 

If he doesn't have any terminal issues, there's a good chance Kodak will become the latest pooch in the posse. 

UPDATE ON LAST NIGHT'S POST. I went to the doc today and he thinks I got a tick bite. The bite area was a perfect bullseye by this morning. He did tests for Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted fever and another tick-related condition. He cranked me up on antibiotics and steroids. I'll get the test results midweek.


  1. Love your tender heart! Ol' Hook and Kodak sound like they're about to become best buds.

  2. I remember the post on this guy the first time. I think I commented that he knew a good doggie home when he saw it. Hook approves and you've given him a name, I think it is a done deal.

  3. BTW really good looking pooch, how do you turn away that face?

  4. Like all your other readers I suspect (strongly) that your dog posse has expanded.
    I do hope you get good news after those medical tests.

  5. Who would have thought the pup would find a home with you! I think Ol' Hook has been telling the pup how he found a new home here.
    Silly me, I read the last paragraph and thought the dog had a tick bite. No! You have the bite. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever sounds awful, like measles gone wild..


  6. There is no way to say no to that cutie. Especially since Ol' Hook has already adopted him.

    Sure hope you get good test results.

  7. While it would be nice if his owners found him, I'm sure he'd find a good home with you. After all Hook likes him, so that is as good a recommendation as you'll find. Sorry to hear about that being a tick bite. They can have long lasting effects. Hopefully none for you. Will be praying this bite has no effects on you.

  8. That is an adorable puppy. I hope he finds a home soon. A tick bite is frightening. I hope there is nothing it gave you.

  9. What a cute puppy
    Tick bites are not pleasant

  10. I'm so sorry about the tick bite. I hope it hasn't done serious damage. As for that puppy, you are a dog magnet. It's because you and Jilda are so kind.


  11. A face that won't hear the word "no". Sounds like he found you! I hope all is well from the tick bite.


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