Saturday, December 16, 2006

Christmas Party

We're not pigs. Anyone entering our house would agree....our clothes are clean and there are no foul odors emanating from the kitchen but as I discovered today, what lies beneath can only be described as harrowing. We've spent the last few days preparing for our little Christmas party tomorrow and we took the opportunity to clean things up.
Our fridge has a bunch of glass shelves and they are usually full of food so you can't really see what the shelf looks like. I was cleaning under the fridge and found dry dog food that was petrified. What I saw when I glanced up from my low angle was disturbing. When I cleared the food off the shelves, it looked like some kind of science project gone terribly awry. I went to my workshop and fetched a hammer and chisel and most of it came off, though I'll probably have to replace the chisel.
I was rearranging some of the loose cables under my computer desk and I came across a dust bunny as big as a Collie. It seized up the old Kirby vacuum cleaner and could only be dislodged with a broomstick.
After knocking enough dust off the ceiling fan to plant a crop turnip greens, I started questioning our cleanliness.
But after several hours things started looking coming together. Jilda has all these table cloths, crystal serving dishes, cloth napkins and books of recipes. We'll get up early in the morning and after coffee she'll start putting it all together. Tomorrow afternoon when our guests arrive, all the hard work will pay off.

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