Monday, December 18, 2006

New Mattress

A few weeks ago we ordered a new mattress and it was delivered today. We bought our old mattress when Jimmy Carter was in the white house and it had seen its better days. Even doing Yoga, my back squeaks when I get out of the bed each morning so we decided to remedy the situation.
We did a lot of research and asked friends for recommendations. We decided on a Tempur-pedic. It cost more than most of the cars I've owned in my life.
We bought it from one of the sponsors of my website and after they delivered it today, we put on new 300 thread count cotton sheets. Jilda says the 300 thread count is a good thing. I'm pretty sure you can't buy them at Dollar General. I was afraid to ask how much they cost.
We could have bought cheaper sleepware, but the thing is; I'm working on my 3 1/2 year plan. It is my intention to be retired from my day job by July 2010. I don't intend to quit working, just quit working for someone else. Since I'm in that frame of mind, I want to have the farm in good shape with all major repairs and renovations complete and paid for before I retire.
There are so many things I want to do, but I simply don't have the time.
I've gotten some feedback on which posts to include in the book and I'm beginning to get the artwork together. I assume I'll have to self-publish but I do intend to send the compilation to a few publishers to see if I get any interest.
Both Jilda and I want to travel more.....take time to visit all the places we've looked longingly at in the pages of books and magazines.
So our new mattress today is just a step towards retirement. Now if I can find a liquor store to knock off so that I can afford a new tin roof.

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  1. A good night's sleep cures a lot of ills.

    I've been trying to compile a list of favorite blogs that you've written this year. It's a daunting task! So far, I've re-read those from January and have been able to pare them down to two: Habits from Jan 3, and Fridays from Jan 27. At this rate, I'll be done by the year 2016. I'll try to keep at it, but don't hold up publication 'till I'm done.

    Sleep well!


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