Friday, December 22, 2006

First Full Day of Winter

Today was the first full day of winter her in Alabama. It was cloudy and a heavy mist filled the air for most of the day but the temperature was not that bad. I've actually swam in cooler weather.
I worked for several hours on a handmade Christmas present for Jilda, but it went south and now I've got to come up with one more stocking stuffer tomorrow or my name is mud.
This evening we drove over to Helena to visit our friends Steve and Judy. We had a very nice dinner and drank some red wine while listening to Christmas music. We exchanged presents before heading home. Steve has a knack for selecting unique Christmas presents too. He gave me a guitar pick made from bone. It hangs on a cord necklace and looks really cool.
Tomorrow is Christmas Eve Eve. Jilda has to work, but we're having family over tomorrow night to celebrate December birthdays so I'll have to do the chores to prepare for our guests.
I hope you all are having a great weekend

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