Thursday, December 21, 2006

Over the Top?

The sun is currently in hiding here in Empire, Alabama. I ran out to buy a few stocking stuffers for my spouse. She's great at picking these out. I struggle. However I did find a couple things today that I'm sure she will enjoy.
Ol' Buddy rode with me to the mall. I would never have guessed it, but he's a chic magnet. I could rent him out to guys who are down on their luck and can't get a girlfriend. All they would have to do is ride around with Ol' Buddy. I was stopped at a red light today and a woman motioned for me to roll my window down. "That's the cutest little dog I've ever seen," she purred. Buddy cocked his head like the old RCA Victor dog. She waved at Ol' Buddy as we drove off.
I had some time this evening so I decided to use it constructively so I scanned some yearbooks for my high school alumni website. I now have sixty one complete yearbooks online starting back in the thirties. I only need to scan six more and I will have them all. It's a hoot looking at those old yearbooks and for a little country high school website, it gets well over a thousand hits a week.
I put my annual Christmas greetings on our answering machine this morning. Word spreads fast because we had twenty two hanger-uppers when I got back this evening. I've been called weird, strange, demented but I prefer unusual.
Here's the greeting:

Santa Claus you fat old fart I won't forget last year
You ate up all my groceries and drank up all my beer
Rudolph got diarrhea and couldn't make it to the door
But the biggest mess of all is when you threw up on the floor
If you get misdirected and land upon my roof
I'll rip the leg off Rudolph and beat you with his hoof
Merry Christmas

Now I ask you, would you consider that over the top?

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