Thursday, December 14, 2006

Walking Slow

It's a ghost town at work. I got a parking place right up front. A lot of people save their vacation until this time of year. The people who are at work walk more slowly than at other times of the year and that's because everyone is stuffed. Everywhere I go there is food. You go into a meeting and people are shoving food at eat this. I hate to hurt people's feelings so I too stuff myself and walk slowly.
I figure I can walk it off after the first of the year....the problem is, I'll have to walk from here to California if I have many much more fudge.
We're having our annual Christmas get together this coming Sunday. The crowd will be a little smaller than in years past, but I expect it to be lively. We'll sing a Christmas Carol or two and yes, we'll eat, drink and be merry.
I've run out of steam this evening so I'm cutting it short. I think Jilda is making some fudge.

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