Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Good Chocolate

I've been restless today. Nothing I started kept my interest for long. This happens to me occasionally. I'm not sure why but thankfully it doesn't last long. I downloaded a free biorhythm program recently to keep a check on the cycles of my life. Some people say biorhythms are a bunch of hooey and put them in the same category of astrology and palm reading but I just checked my rhythms for kicks and it shows that I'm in a down period.
I drove around a while today doing a little Christmas shopping but nothing I looked at seemed to be right.
But the weather was nice and it felt good to be out in the fresh air. I didn't let Ol' Buddy go with me today because it was so warm. I don't like to leave him in the truck when it's warm because I fear he will get too hot. So when I got home this evening, he had shredded up today's newspaper in the living room.....it was his way of saying "leave me here again at your own peril, mister man." I looked at him harshly, but he didn't back down so I picked up the paper and went to check my email.
Jilda had left me a little surprise bag on my desk. Inside was a packet of hot chocolate, a few bags of mint tea and a piece of Ghirardelli chocolate. I opened that little piece of candy and popped it in my mouth and soon a smile came across my face. I'm guessing that biorhythms don't take into account the effect of good chocolate.

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