Sunday, December 24, 2006

Safe and Merry Christmas

We used to exchange gifts on Christmas Day at the home of Jilda's parents. Kids, grand kids and great grand kids would all make their way there at some point during the day. We could take the gifts there and if you were patient, you would see everyone, howdy up, eat some turkey and dressing, sing some Christmas carols and go home glowing.
Now that her mother passed on, we are all scattered like dandelions in the wind. We spent a lot of time today visiting relatives individually and exchanging gifts but the feeling of a large family coming together to share a few moments at Christmas was gone...I fear...forever. It started to sink in today and it made me feel a little melancholy.
The rain moved in after dark and on our way home, the rain on the windows caught the Christmas lights sending shards of light in unexpected directions making the landscape strange and beautiful.
Jilda and I will exchange gifts tonight. I tried several times to make her unusual gifts, but each time they came up short. As a last resort, I did something totally unexpected which I won't disclose tonight in case she reads this blog before we do the gifting. If it works out well, I will tell you what I did....if it doesn't, this is the last you will hear of it.
Have a safe and merry Christmas.

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