Monday, December 04, 2006

Random Full Moon Thoughts

The moon this evening looked like a giant pearl floating in the eastern sky toward Atlanta. It will be full tomorrow. My wife contends that people get crazy on the full moon. It's hard to argue because I too feel a little crazier during the full moon. Not crazy like someone who wants to throw their wife in a wood chipper and then put on her mascara, go through her closet and sniff her jogging shoes.....but crazy enough to walk outside barefoot and howl at the moon just to make the dogs in the neighborhood go beserk. That always freaks them out...."he mister, we're the ones that are supposed to be howling," they complain, "next thing we know, you'll be treeing squirrels and chasing the paper man."
I work this week and next and then I'm off work until January 2nd. We may go out of town for a few days while I'm off. We've done most of our shopping over the internet. It beats arm wrestling a pulp wood cutter over a playstation 3. We get home after work and have a nice dinner and the UPS man delivers our stuff right to the door. No gun play over parking spaces for us.
I bought a live Christmas tree (with roots) three years ago. It was a beautiful tree. We put it in a number 3 wash tub and used a sheet to cover the roots. Last year I thougth to myself.....self, why don't we use the same Christmas tree. Sure we had planted it and it had grown all cozy down by the barn, but I dug that puppy up and it did just fine. After Christmas I planted it back and it's just now getting cozy again. I think tomorrow night while the moon is full, I'm going to dig that tree back up and use it again this year. I'm just in that kind of mood.

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  1. Anonymous8:08 AM

    you have such a way with words i love reading your blog every morning keep up the good work!!


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