Friday, December 29, 2006

Last Request

We took down the Christmas tree today and I planted it for a third time. It's a forgiving tree. I made up my mind that I'm not using it again next year. It has served us well and deserves to be left to grow.
The living room looks bigger but it doesn't have the fresh evergreen scent that a live tree affords.
My sister-in-law called upset today because a really good friend of hers passed away on Christmas Eve and they buried her the day after Christmas. No visitation or wake...just an afternoon graveside funeral. My sister-in-law wanted to pay her respects but she could not get off of work.
It may have been her friend's wish to forgo the visitation/wake but that would not get if for me. I can tell you this...for the record....when I die I want the full coarse. I want mourner....lots of them...even if we have to use some of the insurance money to hire them. I want wringing of hands, mountains of wet Kleenex, waling, crying, and speaking in tongues. I want to throw all the local florists into overtime handling the flower orders. I want a Capella bluegrass singers to sing those old sad songs that make you weep loudly. Hell, I want to invite the Governor.
Afterwards I want all my friends to throw a party with enough fried chicken to feed the the hungry at the Jimmy Hale Mission for a week. I want lots booze. I want my friends to tell stories and lies...I want them to laugh and cry and to remember all the good times we've shared.
So there. You know what I want. I told my wife if I go first, she better make sure the stuff I want happens or I'll haunt her.

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  1. Ha ha ha, I did laugh when I read this! I reckon you will come back and haunt her for the hell of it anyway!!!!
    My dad died, when I was 23, he was an alcholholic!! But is was very sudden! We had the most amazing wake, everyone came, we ate loads, drank loads and told some great stories about him good, bad and indifferent, we laughed and cried but boy was it fun!! Definately the way to go!!!
    Happy New Year to you!


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