Monday, October 08, 2007

Be Happy

It's still hot here in Alabama but the days are getting shorter. The hummingbirds have already headed south for winter and autumn color is slowly seeping in.
This morning as I drove down the Empire Road I passed an old barn in a meadow. The barbed wire fence was covered with honey suckle vines and on this side of the fence was a stand of golden rod. There was a light mist hovering over the sage and bitterweed giving the cows in the pasture an ethereal appearance.
I would have tried to take a photograph but there was no place to safely pull off and I had early morning commuters on my bumper so I took a mental snapshot which was almost as good.
The weatherman says the nights will be much cooler toward the end of the week. I'm hoping the change in temperature brings a little rain. It's still dry as talcum powder around here.
There wasn't a lot of work getting done today because everyone was updating resumes and checking out websites for leads on jobs. The good news is - there seem to be a good many jobs out there. Maybe folks won't make what they currently make but at least they can keep food on the table till they find something better.
I chose not to participate in company bashing anymore. It does absolutely no good and everybody goes around in a sour mood. I've been going around smiling all day. I think people either think I have a job to fall back on or perhaps I have some really good drugs.
I currently don't have either but I've made up my mind to be happy - no matter what.

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