Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thinking of My Friend

We were supposed to go to a Halloween party on Saturday night at the home of our friends Brenda and Danny. But Brenda called to tell us that Danny's brother passed away earlier today. When Jilda asked how he was doing, Brenda said that he was taking it really hard. Even though they lived some distance apart and rarely saw each other, it was still quite a blow. Both Jilda and I know the feeling. She's lost a brother and I've lost two.
When my father died, I was crushed but he had been ill for some time and I had begun mental preparations but when I got the call from the wife of my brother to say that he had died I simply could not believe it. And although it has been over ten years since he passed, I often think of him and his twisted sense of humor.
But tonight my heart goes out to my friend Danny. I will say a prayer that he has a safe trip and that he finds comfort with his family.

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