Friday, October 26, 2007

Psychedelic Leaves

The clouds lifted today and the sun came out in force this afternoon. The rain and cooler weather jump started the color in our autumn foliage so the drive home this evening was almost psychedelic.
I stopped at a country gas station this evening and a woman came out and pumped the gas. I was somewhat surprised because it has been years since someone else has pumped my gas. Once inside I saw the small station had floor to ceiling shelves and tons of groceries, batteries, household goods. I smelled like an old store - a little hint of ode de brown bag, vanilla flavor, with a suggestion of popcorn, and maybe fly paper. I bought fifty cents worth of Mary Jane's and almost yanked a jaw tooth out on the taffy treats.
I have some thinking to do this weekend because there are a number of options open to me on the job front. Behind one door I get to continue earning a check but I might have to travel a lot; behind another door there's no guarantee of a job but there is a handsome severance package (maybe); behind the other door there is a spider monkey with a loaded assault weapon and he knows how to use it. It's hard to know what to do so I plan to weigh out the pros and cons and meditate a great deal. In the end, I'm going to do what I feels right in my gut.
On the syndication front, there are a couple newspapers in North Carolina that are considering my columns for publication. I've got my fingers crossed that this dog will hunt. Believe me, when I reach critical mass on the number of papers running my column, I don't care if I have a day job or not. I can write from anywhere and maybe we'll get a chance to visit some of my blog buddies. I love Arizona and I've been wanting to go to England and Australia for a long time.

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  1. My advice is to investigate very carefully every option before you open that door behind which lurks the spider monkey armed with an assault weapon!! Yeeeek.....
    Ms Soup


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