Friday, October 19, 2007

I Love a Parade

Today was homecoming at the school where I graduated and I always take vacation the day of the parade so that I can shoot pictures. Today the weather was "picture perfect". By the time I got down to the school, the parade route was packed with people. East Walker is not highly populated but I think everyone turned out today.
I walked up and down the road shooting groups of kids and their families. When the parade started, it was like a circus. People riding in the parade threw handfuls of candy to the kids watching from the side of the road. The high school parade turns out all the police as well as fire and rescue personnel. They keep their sirens blaring as they snake down the parade route. My ears are still ringing.
I shot close to two hundred pictures today and posted them on the Dora sight.
You can see the photos by going to:

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