Monday, October 15, 2007

Slowing Down to Smell the Asphalt

I was blowin down highway 331 on Saturday after the Tide squeaked out a victory over Old Miss. We were listening to Paul Thorn at levels normally associated with permanent ear damage. We had gone through Brantley and the stretch where the speed limit is 65 and was in no man's land in Crenshaw County before getting to Luverene. I was leading a pack of five cars and we were all hanging pretty tight. The speed limit dropped to 55 and before the Volvo coasted to an acceptable speed, we met an oncoming Luverne City cruiser. Upon reflection, had I been driving 65, I would probably have been closer to a more suitable speed when "THE MAN" drifted into view but I was actually going closer to 75 and had just eased down to a more sedate 71 by the time the radar waves struck my windshield and reported my infraction to the detection device. I saw him hit the brakes and make a u turn. The good people who were following at the same speed I was traveling were kind enough to pull to the side and let him catch up to me - citizenship at its best.
I felt a little goofy sitting there on the side of the road with the cruiser behind with those annoying blue lights throbbing. Jilda slide down in the seat to avoid those accusing stares from the locals who happened by. "I betcha he'll slow down next time he comes through Luverene," I could almost hear one of the gawkers say.
I'm dreading the call to the courthouse. "Yes Mr. Watson our computers have been working overtime to calculate the correct cost of your fine. You'll be happy to know that thanks to your visit to our fine city, we'll now be able to build that new school we've been planning for so many years." Glad I could help judge.
Of course the only things that travels faster than gossip, which actually travels faster than the speed of light, is the report of a traffic violation to my insurance company.
"Oh, I see here Mr. Watson you got a speeding ticket, you may want to consider a second job to pay your auto insurance for the next few years."
Anyway, I've been very mindful of my speed the last few days. I am slowing down to smell the asphalt.

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  1. Shall we call you "Lead Foot" from now on?


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